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Learning Through Play

Learning as a group fosters conversation, community, and connection! These play-based, personalized small group camps give your child a chance to practice skills under the watchful eyes of child development experts. 

Family Time

Food Fun Bootcamp

with Box

Are you feeling exasperated with trying to get your child to eat new foods? Do you want them to try more vegetables? More fruits? Don’t know where to start?

During our 4 LIVE virtual small group bootcamp sessions, pediatric Occupational Therapist, Caitlyn Berry, will walk you and your child through various food play activities promoting new food exploration and trial along the way. Food Fun Bootcamp includes 4  bootcamp sessions, weekly e-coaching for caregivers, and a cultivated tool kit to equip your new food journey!

Kit Includes:

Personalized placemat

Try It Visual guides

Novelty toothpicks and accessories

Mini utensils


Silicone muffin cups


And more fun surprises!

The Details:

  • Bootcamp starts March 23rd and continues for 4 consecutive weeks

  • Sessions are hosted virtually and will be recorded if you cannot attend a session

  • Best suited for children ages 4-6

Weekly voice recordings will be sent along side each session! These E-Coaching messages are designed to provide the reasoning behind each session and how to expand upon that week's activities.

$40 per participant

As pediatric occupational therapists, we are uniquely qualified to offer these group services. However, it is extremely important to note that this is a wellness service, meant to educate parents. These group are not an individualized, medically-based occupational therapy service, even though we are occupational therapists.

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