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Welcome to pediatric occupational therapy at its best.

Strengths-based, family-centered, pediatric occupational therapy consulting and intervention in the places where real life happens.

Child at Psychologist

As pediatric occupational therapists, we get to be your sidekick, the person that you call when the problems don't seem to have solutions, or the answer to endless hours of Google searching what on earth you are supposed to do with your child now. 

With a focus on bringing you, your child, and your daily tasks back into harmony, we work with you to find practical solutions for your family, sharing our knowledge of child development as we go.


Grocery Shopping

Intervention in the places where you are

Family Breakfast

Focused on the whole family not just on an individual

Boy Playing with Blocks

Centered on building up strengths not  only reducing  weaknesses

Mother and Son

Based upon 

research and the voices of self-advocates

Our free visual schedule contains everything you need to make your child's day organized and easy to understand!

Our Clients Say

Although it wasn’t a super long time with Becky, she taught us a lot as parents when approaching these tough situations with our son and also gave our son the skills and knowledge he needs for the future.
We can't believe the difference we have seen!! More importantly, we can't believe how much we have learned about how to help her thrive!
We met right before my child was diagnosed with ASD, and she was the first professional who gave me the confidence to listen to my mommy intuition... For this I will be forever grateful.


Occupational Therapy & Parent Coaching


Family-based Services

Meet with Becky or Caitlyn, either in person or virtually, to discuss your current challenges in making everyday life happen and problem solve solutions that are unique to your family and child's development. 

In Schools and the Community

Foster community, connection, and knowledge through conversation and education. These sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of continuing education for child-service professionals or employers looking to support their employee's wellness.

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