Ready to stop Googling the answers to your child development questions?

Wondering how to support your employees as they struggle being parents and in the workforce?

Need to talk with real human to help you problem-solve your child's participation in everyday life? 

Child at Psychologist

Think of us like your sidekick, that mom friend you call when you are at the end of your rope, or the answer to endless hours of Google searching what the heck you are supposed to do with your child now. 


With a focus on bringing you, your child, and your daily tasks back into harmony, we work with you to find practical solutions for your family, sharing our knowledge of child development as we go.   

6 Basics to Build Your Routine 

Establishing a routine gives predictability and consisteny to decrease power-struggles and confusion. Grab this free guide to start setting up your day!

Becky Balog

Becky is a pediatric occupational therapist, mother of two, wife, runner, and friend. As an OT, she specializes in working with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families. Her goal in life is to teach parents and communities to do what she does so that her expertise is common knowledge and utilized frequently. Becky loves to learn and continues to delve into the latest research and education to enhance her evidence-based practice. Becky speaks at conferences and schools sharing about everything from self-regulation to fine motor skill development.


Caitlyn Berry

Caitlyn works as a pediatric occupational therapist with a non-profit. She specializes in Early Intervention providing therapy at home for young children with developmental delays. Caitlyn recognizes that real progress happens when parents are taught to use therapy strategies outside of sessions and views her role as a parent coach. She uplifts parents and caregivers as experts on their child and brings her expertise on child development to create a collaborative problem-solving partnership with them. When not working, Caitlyn enjoys volunteering with local non-profits, spending time outside, and training for marathons.



Consultations in Private or in a Group


Private Coaching

Meet with Becky or Caitlyn, either in person or virtually, to discuss you current challenges in making every-day life happen and problem solve some solutions that are unique to your family and child's development. 

Group Consultations

These small group sessions are designed to foster community, connection and knowledge through conversation and education. These sessions are perfect for a group of four or more.

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