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Why Choose Adapt & Grow?

You are the expert on your family and your children. We come alongside your expertise to help increase individual and family participation in meaningful activities through the promotion of sensory integration, social skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive and perceptual motor skills, and self help skills. You don't need to spend more time scrolling through Google. You need someone to help you navigate your real life challenges, encourage you through the emotional moments, and celebrate when the plan works. 

Why Family-Centered


Family Fun in Field

Families share a history and future.

We will only be part of your life for a season. But, you will be able to impact your family with our tips, tools, and suggestions far beyond our presence with you..

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It fosters growth-producing

behavior rather than just the treatment of problems.

The treatment of a problem may result in a short-term solution but fostering growth and personal problem solving equips your family to move forward into the future confident in your own abilities.

Kids Playing on the Couch

It helps promote solutions that are most appropriate for where the child spends their day.

Children best learn the skills they need in the settings that they need to use them. This includes activities that are a part of the family's normal lifestyle in play, education, sleep, and social opportunites.

We are firm believers in the power of parents. You know your child best! Our passion and experience lie in equipping parents to bring their family's roles, routines, and activities into alignment to support holistic child development. We do this through listening to you. Only once we understand your family's journey will we offer ideas to support your child’s development and teach the skills to foster growth. We want to give you and your child the tools to adapt well, change effectually, and build momentum through developing and refining your skills with new strategies. By providing individualized care in your child’s natural environment, together we can lay a strong foundation for future learning to give your child the ability to reach their best life.


Our Approach


Meet Us

Occupational Therapists, Friends, Encouragers

Great minds work best together! Becky and Caitlyn met at Occupational Therapy School in Richmond, Virginia and have been flexing their problem-solving brains in pediatrics ever since! Becky (left) attempts to balance her time between private practice and wrangling her two littles. Caitlyn (right) not only spends her days investing in her work kiddos, but also with several Richmond area non-profits making the world better for all people. 


Caitlyn and Becky both love spending time outside whether it's hiking, camping, or white water rafting!

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Becky's loves having littles that remind her to look at the world with child-like wonder!

Caitlyn and her hubby love new adventures and are firm believers in the "never grow up" philosophy of adulting

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Becky and Caitlyn's best brainstorming occurs when they are out on runs together!

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